In the highly competitive world of digital technology, creating brand awareness can be a challenging part of marketing, but nevertheless, it is most important for the success of the brand.

This is where a digital marketing strategist has to come up with a dynamic strategy to help a business stand out, and increase its online presence and engagement.

1. Ace the SEO.

The first step to showing up when people are searching for you is to master SEO. It can be of two categories:

On-site SEO deals with educational content that most likely matches your target audience’s search queries. For this keyword research is used, and internal external links are included.

Off-site SEO deals more with the technical aspect for which the website should be set up correctly and simple URL structuring should be used that loads quickly.

2. Social Media Presence.

The first place where people look for you to see what you put up and what people say about you is social media. It is the key tool for searching your intended audience on whichever platform they prefer. Having a social media presence instils trust in current and prospective customers.

3. Create an Email list.

Creating an email list enables you to communicate with your customer on a day-to-day basis, or at regular intervals. To create an email list, you can use gated content or CTA (Call to Action) on your website and social media pages. Email newsletters help in collecting leads and emails, and it further shows your customer’s interest in your content.

4. Publishing a Blog.

Another strategy used by digital marketing strategists is a well-researched blog post which not only contains articles but also highlights news on what a company is up to. Each time you publish a blog it’s one more indexed page on your website which means one more opportunity to show up on the search engine result page (SERP). With traffic coming to your website it’s more likely to convert into more leads.

5. Online Advertising.

It is important to implement non-organic strategies like paid advertising to drive more brand awareness and to reach out to audiences who couldn’t find you organically. The types of advertising that can be added to your digital marketing strategy are Social Media Advertising, Pay Per Click, Google Ads, etc. All these platforms have the option to advertise either through display networks such as Google or through Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn’s built-in ad system.

Apart from the above-mentioned strategies, you can also implement other tactics of offering free educational resources, creating online giveaways, organising webinars, and many more. Remember building an online presence requires effort, it deals more with catering to your customer’s needs.

Imagine the impact of posting an educational blog that clears up things for a confused customer. Being consistent in creating valuable content for your target audience establishes you as an authority in their eyes, and eventually increases your sales and creates better brand awareness in your industry.




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